Our Considerations for Puppies

Are you going out of town but are worried about your puppy? Puppies require a lot of care but sometimes you must leave town when they are young. A family emergency comes up, or maybe you got the puppy unexpectedly and already had a trip planned. We can help! Visits and schedules are going to vary dramatically based on the age of the puppy and where she is at with house training.

 A good rule of thumb is a puppy can hold it for 1 hour per month of age

 This means a 2-month-old puppy can last for 2 hours, 3-month-old puppy for 3 hours, etc. Your puppy also needs to go outside if she has been playing, eating, drinking, or just woke up. We need to set up visits based on the age of your puppy and how long she can go without outside trips. In addition, some breeds tire faster than others, which will change how much exercise your puppy needs.

Our Considerations for Puppies

For puppies, there are a few factors we like to consider when setting a schedule:

  • How long have you been leaving your pup home alone so far?
  • Is your pup sleeping through the night?
  • How long does your puppy take to tire out during playtime? If your pup gets tired quickly then you may be able to alternate a few 15-minute visits. Alternatively, if you have a high energy pup that is a litter older you may want a couple longer visits.
  • Young puppies usually just have playtimes instead of going for walks. We check with you to see your preference on activities.
  • Do you need regular clean ups? If you are using puppy pads or if you pup is making messy blankets, then we need to include time for cleaning.
  • For you – are you more comfortable having someone active around the house to make it look lived-in? If so, then you want an Extended Overnight.

Time to Customize!

We want to work with you to set up the best possible schedule for your dog, so you are all happy during your trip.

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