Potty Breaks or Lunchtime Visit

Long day at work?

Want to run a couple errands after work but feel bad that your dog is still at home? Schedule a lunchtime visit to break up the day and tire out your pup! We can go for a walk or play in the yard, have some cuddle time and play games. Fresh water and lunch or a snack break up the day nicely. Your dog will be tired and you do not have to worry about rushing home at the end of the day. Learn about how lunchtime visits can fit into your life.

Some dogs do not need a walk but still need a potty break during the day. Your dog walker comes and lets your pup out in the yard for 10 minutes, send you a quick update, change her water and settle her in for the day. These are great for dogs who do not need a lot of exercise but need to go potty and break up their day.

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