Exotics pets & horses

We understand horses are a specialty that require a knowledgeable sitter. Only horse-experienced sitters watch our hoofed friends so you know they are in good hands. We evaluate the situation and your needs to ensure your large friends are well cared for exactly how you would.

NOTE:  How Complex is Your Horse’s Care?

When trying to establish what to pay, think about the following:

  • Does the Sitter have to travel some distance? This is especially a consideration if your property is not conveniently located within easy distance of a major centre.
  • How many horses are being cared for and are they all well trained with impeccable manners?
  • Is your feeding routine complicated? Or do you have a dozen supplements that need adding? What about medications?
  • * Do you have a stallion or mares in season? What about foals. Don’t forget hormonal horses are more difficult!!
  • Are your horses rugged, double or triple rugged???
  • Are your horses stabled? If yes, the stables will need cleaning daily.
  • Do you expect the Sitter to poop the paddocks?? Horses can drop up to 18 piles a day. That’s a lot of back breaking work.
  • What about weather conditions?? Will someone have to travel through blizzards or blazing heat to tend to your horses??
  • Also, don’t forget the routine you whiz through in 30 minutes will take someone else longer! All those shortcuts you’ve established over time are not automatic to someone new.
  • When it comes to paying someone to look after your precious horse, I would always err on the side of generous. If the person you employ is capable and caring towards your horse, you are going to want them to come back.

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