Why Your Pet Sitter Wants You To Leave Your Air Conditioning On

Like everyone else I’m sure you’re feeling the pain of the dramatic rise in energy costs this year.  I’m sure it’s very tempting to turn off your air conditioning to try and save some money while you’re away.  While we completely agree with trying to save money, we beg you not to turn the air conditioning off completely.  You want your pets to be comfortable, right?  Your pet sitter also wants to be comfortable while visiting your pets.  If you shut your air off your pet sitter gets to sit in your sweltering house, sweating their derriere off.  It’s not very enjoyable.

We’re not asking you to keep the temperature set as cool as you would if you were home.

Setting the temperature a little bit higher is fine.  If you normally keep it set at 70 while you’re home, set it for 74 while you’re away.

The same holds true in the winter with the heat.

Please don’t go away in the winter and turn the heat down to 50.  Sure, your pets can curl up together or burrow into their beds to keep warm, but it’s not necessarily enjoyable.  The pet sitter also doesn’t find it enjoyable to hang out with your pets while shivering and seeing their breath when talking to your furry friends.  We usually tell people not to set it below about 62 in the winter.

We also ask that you don’t turn off the hot water so we are able to wash your pets dishes properly and we wash our hands after each visit before we leave.  We’ve known people to shut off the water completely.  That causes an issue if the pet sitter needs to use the bathroom while at your home – especially if you haven’t told us the water would be shut off.

Our goal is to make your pets as comfortable and happy as possible while you’re gone.  Following a normal routine; keeping the house at a comfortable temperature is just one of the many parts of keeping your pets happy.

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