Pet Sitter Foils Party!

I can’t tell you how many times over the years we’ve encountered the young adult children of our pet sitting clients attempting to “pull one over” while mom and dad are away.  They think that because mom and dad are away they can get away with anything; including having a party.

We recently were doing a sit for a client whose young adult son decided to come home while the parents were away.  He advised the pet sitter that she no longer had to come for anymore visits.  Mind you, the parents weren’t due home for another week.  We kindly advised the son that if any visits were to be cancelled it had to be by the person who signed the contract.  He was not authorized to cancel/change any visits that were contracted and until we heard from the parents we would continue our visits as scheduled.

We are not in the business of baby sitting, but we have NO problem throwing someone under the bus if we suspect something out of the ordinary is going on.

Our main concern is the pets and their well being and safety.  By having a third party in the house, inviting all their friends, it puts us in a serious position of liability.

Just one more reason hiring a professional is worth it!

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