Why Your Pet Sitter Wants You To Call When You Return Home From Vacation

Whenever we sign up a new client we explain that we send a confirmation before they leave.

We also explain that when they get back from their vacation we would like them to call/text and leave a message that they’ve returned home.

Why do we request you notify us when you return home?

In a few words; it’s so we can sleep at night.  How many times have you heard about people getting into a car accident on their way home?  What about that awful delayed airplane?   If you were a client and were delayed and you didn’t call when you got home it would tip us off that something was wrong and we’d follow up to make sure your pets were cared for.  We sleep better knowing you made it home and that your pets are back under your care!

Despite this some people just refuse to call.  As the old saying goes “we can lead the horse to water, but we can’t make him drink”.  Those people who don’t call when they return home are putting their pets at risk.  We do our best to follow up and make sure they are home but if someone consistently doesn’t call, we just have to accept it.  It’s their decision.

On the flip side, we also want you to know that if for some reason you are delayed and your pets need another visit just call us!  We’ll gladly make more visits in an emergency.

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