We are always on the lookout for top-notch candidates to join Home on the Range Pet Sitting LLC staff.  If you’re looking for a job where wearing jeans is encouraged and you’re not stuck in a cubicle all day this very well may be your dream job!

We are currently looking for long term, part time, pet sitters and dog walkers:

Mid-Day Dog Walker/Vacation Pet Sitters/Overnights & live-in Pet Sitters:

Elko, Spring Creek

Must be available (mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays).

Because of the driving involved, preference will be given to applicants who live within our service area.  We try to keep our sitters within a ten mile radius of their home.

  • We work as a team, so we always have your back when ‘life happens.’
  • The owner is always on duty to offer support for questions or problems.
  • We carry the highest levels of pet insurance and bonding, and workman’s compensation to protect our sitters and clients.

In order to apply candidates must have the following:

  • Own a reliable, insured vehicle
  • Clean driving record
  • Able to pass a criminal background check - no exceptions
  • Cell phone with internet access
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Acute attention to detail
  • Must be able to walk dogs
  • Must be 21 years or older

Additional Desirable Qualifications:

  • Experience with pets such as a veterinary technician, dog trainer, veterinary assistant, doggie daycare handler, groomer, shelter or rescue volunteer, etc.
  • Previous pet sitting experience
  • Experience in giving medications to pets.

Why Pet Sitting Is An Awesome Part Time Job 

We are currently looking to hire and thought we’d take a moment to share the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to pet sitting as a part time job.

The great things about being a pet sitter are:

  • The schedule changes daily so it’s rarely boring.
  • You can do your grocery shopping at 10am on a Tuesday when no one else is in the store.
  • You can schedule a doctor’s appointment without having to worry about scheduling time off from work.
  • You can take a nap during the day.
  • You are almost always greeted by wiggly, happy pets.
  • Pets don’t care if you’re wearing makeup or not.
  • You can do morning visits in your pajamas.
  • Walking dogs is like being paid to exercise.
  • You get paid to play with pets!
  • The job is very independent.  No one is looking over your shoulder at every moment (unless the client has a camera).
  • You’re not stuck in a cubicle or behind a desk all day.
  • You get lots of kisses that won’t get you in trouble with your significant other.
  • It’s great for self employed or retired people since the hours are so different than a regular job.

Of course there is always a flip side to everything.  Pet sitting isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.  It’s hard work.

What are the negatives of being a pet sitter?

  • The early morning/late night schedule can be a drag sometimes.
  • There is a LOT of driving involved.
  • Saying goodbye to pets that pass away is hard because you get attached.
  • Walking in the middle of a blizzard or rainstorm is no fun.
  • Driving in a blizzard or rainstorm is no fun either.
  • Cleaning up diarrhea or vomit.  (Need I say more?)
  • Depending on how long a client is gone you may have to work more than seven days in a row.
  • You’ll probably get peed on at some point.
  • Walking in extreme heat can be challenging.
  • You have to work holidays (but you get extra pay per visit and sometimes clients leave you really nice gifts).
  • There is no paid time off.

Now that you know the ins and outs of what a pet sitting job really entails, do you know someone that would make a great pet sitter?  Send them our way, we are hiring. 

What Exactly Does A Pet Sitter Do?

  • Take dog(s) for walks, pick up after them when they go to the bathroom
  • Scoop cat litter boxes
  • Clean up any accidents a pet may have
  • Bring in client’s mail and/or newspapers
  • Dispense medications, if necessary to dogs and/or cats
  • Document in writing a detailed description of each visit on Daily Diary Form
  • Feed and give water to pets
  • Occasionally meet with clients
  • Occasionally work and drive in unfavorable conditions (rain, sleet, snow, etc.)

How To Apply

If you’ve read all this, we really want to hear from you!  Email us @ paws5133@gmail.com

in 50 words or less why you would make a good pet sitter.  Include your name, address, phone number and resume.  Due to the volume of applications we receive only those who are qualified and meet the minimum requirements will be contacted.

No phone calls please!

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